Prices are noted on originals not sold.

All St. Louis Paintings have prints unless otherwise noted.

Prints are Limited Edition Giclee Prints -  Signed and Numbered.

​Prints are $200 and $225.  Print sizes are approx. 20X28 if square 20​​X20.

There are a few prints that approx. 16X20 for$165.

​Prints can be special ordered  larger- check for price.

Please contact me if you have questions.

​Artist's statement:  This series was a departure for me.  My past work has long depicted the brilliant light and vibrant color of the tropics using transparent water.  However, as a native St. Louis artist, I had not fully explored the surroundings in which I grew up.  Painting familiar St. Louis cityscapes seemed to be an obvious progression.  The historic and modern mix of the architecture demanded, not only a new surface to work on, it also demanded a new way of handling these hard, rigid shapes.  Working on gessoed paper with watercolor and gouache seemed to be a perfect fit. Remnants of the beginning sketches gave the trees and structures their abstracted, flat shapes.  As the series progressed, color became more exaggerated, and the architectural structures became more distorted,  giving the paintings a sense of energy and movement.

Copyright 2013. Nancy Muschany. All rights reserved.

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